Posted by: Sheila | October 7, 2008

Nature raging

It has been raining heavily all day and I have barely stepped outside. As I ate dinner the rain pelted down on the kitchen roof and thrashed against the back door. I looked out at the rain and wondered where all the water comes from, there seemed so much. It had been raining for hours. The birds were well hidden in their nests, the people in their houses and the merciless thumping on the roof made me think of Wuthering Heights and King Lear all rolled into one.

At one with nature. Nature raging. The elements thrashing about like a man possessed. It is very powerful and makes you realise that we must respect nature and all that goes with it. Powerful winds can bring down entire cities. Huge rain can flood a townland.

We must honour nature and we must understand that it is a powerful force at work. Floods, thunderstorms, and dramatic weather can be both terrifying and exhilarating. A force bigger than us and one that we can never control. In knowing that we can appreciate it’s beauty and magic and get a good safe seat when with winter there comes the incredible thunder and lightning storms.

Nature rages on.


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