Posted by: Sheila | September 11, 2008


Words are a powerful tool for life. Words can comfort you, inform and entertain you. At intervals though words can really upset you and those around you. Once in a while when I am talking I say phrases that I really do not mean like “I hate him” when I really mean that he annoyed me. “He is a pig” when I really mean he was grumpy towards me.

My foot is killing me when it is just overtired.

Words are very powerful and I as much as anyone else should be careful what I say. I know that when I speak well of someone it can make their day. I should know that speaking badly or complaining is pointless unless I am willing to deal with it directly and constructively.

The gift of words should be treasured for what it is, a gift. At the moment that I say the wrong comment I know now that my tongue has run away with me. So I try and tell the person what I really meant and take back what I said. That way I am not casting any dark clouds over anybody’s otherwise sunny day.

Equally once in a while when people are stressed or panicked I go to great lengths to help them see the positive and wider view of the situation. When I do this I am using my vocabulary for a good reason.

Words may not come so easily to you (or you may like me talk a fair amount!) either way communication is a blessing and we must honour it and use it for good deeds at all times.

I am going to try anyway, and though I suppose I will slip I shall just keep trying.

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