Posted by: Sheila | September 5, 2008

The last day of your life

If this were the last day of your life what would you put off doing? If this were the first day of your life (and it was your second chance) what would you be planning. So many of us plan lovely, special moments and events for the future. A future that often never comes. A future that we just assume to be available to us when we finally feel that we deserve it.

Next year we will go on that special holiday. Next week I will try on those lovely jeans. Next time I will choose the makeup that I really like. Now I hear you. You are not loaded and you don’t have all day to swan around amusing yourself.

Still and all with a small amount of saving and plans those tomorrows can come sooner than you suppose. Think of all the idle objects purchased cheaply and cast away without much thought. Imagine if you had kept that money and then bought one lovely treat you especially appreciated. You and you alone know what that is.

Imagine you stopped smoking so heavily and put the money in a jar or quit eating sweets or socialising so much. Over about three months you would be amazed how much you could accumulate. Suddenly that holiday to a faraway sunny island seems strangely possible. It’s weird but mostly with planning, the right attitude and patience almost everything is within our reach.

Here and now, imagine you are old and weary. Your body is finally giving up on you and people are starting to treat you like you are special and not in a good way. Now your brain is just fine. You are alert and with it. You are still sixteen in your head dreaming of all you are going to do, see and achieve in your life.

What do you wish you had done? When do you wish you had jumped off the wheel you were running on so fast? When did the years slip by? Why did you not notice how time speeded up towards the end? Why did you not take more chances and enjoy more colour in your life?

These are just some thoughts you may have. Or maybe you are lucky and feel your life has been just as it should be. Well as regards myself, I wish I had worked and worried less, laughed and danced more. Eaten less and exercised more. Loved bravely and cried quietly. Travelled more and moaned less. Me, I am not yet forty and yet even now I will never be called a youth again. Never have a first child again, never fall in love for the first time again. Never hear Santa again, never experience numerous circumstances again. All is not lost though. I am only thirty eight. I shall start today though, going through my wish list. I shall start today by saving for the trip I always wanted to take. There is still time, I have wasted enough and goodness alone knows how long I have got.


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