Posted by: Sheila | August 20, 2008

We never know




  1. I have had that a lot too. As I don’t speak a whole lot of German I have had to rely on a lot body language.

    It can be confusing when someone is just having a bad and don’t see what they are doing. Especially in Berlin with all the rude people I have had to learn to forgive and forget.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I made a quick reply to you.

    You should check out too


  2. Thanks for the comment, it is great to get the feedback. Things are the same the world over, so it seems.


  3. Great post and always worth remembering.

    An inverted form of this behaviour I have noticed is when people assume that their neighbours have perfect lives and perfect children and probably look down on everyone else…when of course their neighbours *themselves* are thinking “Look at this people across the road with those perfect lives and children…they probably think we don’t belong in the neighbourhood” etc etc

    So many conflicts are fuelled by wild misperceptions.


  4. Fin, that really made me laugh because it is so true, it is so easy to glance at neighbours and come to all sorts of crazy conclusions! well done


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