Posted by: Sheila | August 13, 2008






  1. Digital television can be defined as a system of telecommunication that receives moving pictures and sound by digital signals. The most recent development in television industry, digital television has lot of advantages


  2. I don’t think she was trying to say television doesn’t have its advantages be it digital or not, but like anything in a family it can be given too much power and respect above things in life that ordinarily before its concept would be expected in the family dynamic i.e on during dinner allowing people the space to not bother communicating with each other or even realising they aren’t.
    Being a single mother it does in a sense become an extra member of the family, it can calm a situation, it can keep you company and lets all be honest it can babysit to a certain extent. But there is a preciousness in holding a moment in time in the silence, a freedom of not using it and sharing those moments and seeing the world in your own eyes and not the version dictated by e4.


  3. Exactly Mimi, very well put, thanks for taking the time to comment, all feedback is appreciated.


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